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“I came to Dr. Baskai on the recommendation of my dentist. He said that she is an excellent dentist and could address my multiple dental issues. Dr. Baskai took the time to really listen to me and came up with a plan to treat all my dental problems. It was nice to have everything explained so clearly by someone who focused on me as a patient and not just my mouth."
– Sarah A.

“After years of suffering with a denture, I decided to invest in implants and get my teeth finally fixed. Honestly, this was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. Dr. Baskai was with me throughout the treatment, which I have to admit was long, but she made sure every step was done to perfection and I am thrilled with the final results. I want to thank Dr. Baskai and the dental team for giving me my teeth back!”
– Timothy M.

“Dr. Baskai fixed my front teeth after I knocked them out in a bike accident. I was so upset and scared, but she really took great care of me, from the beginning to the end. After multiple surgeries, specialists and about a year of treatment, I am now proud to smile again with brand new teeth. Dr. Baskai was my support throughout this whole process and I can't imagine having gotten through it without her.”
– Savanah L.

“My dentist told me I had severe tooth wear and my bite was off, and recommended I see a specialist. I saw Dr. Baskai and after an examination, lots of records and discussion, she recommended full mouth treatment. I am very pleased with the results, most of all because I can eat comfortably again and know my mouth and jaw are healthy. Thank you to Dr. B and her team.”
– Jean-Francois. S.


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